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pyompa code

Helpful code and software developed in our lab

All code available on our GitHub site:

  • pyompa - This is a python package for water mass analysis. This python package for optimum multiparameter (OMP) analysis has key differences from the MATLAB OMP implementation by M. Tomczak; among them, this package models mass conservation with a hard constraint (i.e. it strives for a residual of 0 in the mass conservation equations), it has support for flexible Redfield ratios when modeling remineralization, and it has support for soft penalties to encode prior knowledge about end-member distributions.
  • pyisotopomer - pyisotopomer is a Python toolbox for performing data corrections for N2O isotopomer data. Its core is a package of scripts to correct for scrambling in the ion source during isotope ratio mass spectrometry. An alternate version of this package exists for MATLAB.
  • More to come...